Do you use Facebook Insights to learn more about the performance of your Business Page? Do you even know what I mean by Facebook Insights? One of the best reasons to have a Business Page, if you are a small business owner, is the data that Facebook provides you with. Facebook does not provide you with any metrics on your personal page. Yet, I find that many people don’t know that the Insights tab is there or what information it provides them with.

Where do you find your page Insights?

Page Insights will be one of the tabs across the top of your page above your profile and cover photos. Click on it to discover metrics and learn which posts have the most engagement.

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What information is provided by Insights?

When you click the Insights tab it opens a page that displays an overview of the Page Summary, performance of your last 5 posts and pages to watch. You will also see a left hand menu with Promotions, Likes, Reach, Page View, Actions on Page, Posts, Events, Videos and People.

I will highlight the metrics that I find most valuable for understanding your business page and how people are engaging with it.


The overview section allows you to see common metrics such as Views, Likes, Reach and Engagement at a glance. Did your engagement increase or decrease over the last week? The performance of your last 5 posts shows you the reach and engagement of those posts. Which post had the greatest reach? Engagement? If it was a post with a video, post more videos. Was it a particular type of story that resonated with your audience? Find and post more stories that your audience seems to like.

The Pages to Watch section allows you to see the engagement of someone else’s business page. This can be a helpful feature in a number of ways. For example, it can be used for competitive monitoring. What kind of engagement is your competitor getting on Facebook? If they are doing better than you, check their page to see what they are posting. You may also want to follow a page of a friend or colleague to see how their page is performing.

Likes, Reach, Views

The Likes tab shows you how many likes your page has received and if you have any unlikes. If you receive unlikes on a regular basis you will want to find out why and make some changes.

Reach shows you the number of people your posts were served to. It will show you both your organic and paid reach. The data is presented in a graph so you can see which posts spiked on which day. This is another way to see which posts are most popular with your audience.

With page views, you can see total views of your page as well as which sections of your page are being viewed the most (Home, Posts, About, Photos).


A commonly asked question that I get is when should I post? The Posts tab will answer that question because you can see when your fans are online. These are the times when you will want to post. For example, most of my fans are online at noon, 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm. I schedule my posts for these peak times.

You can also see how all of your posts over time have performed in terms of reach and engagement. For my page, I can clearly see that posts with photos have received the greatest reach followed by video links, and links to articles and stories. Posts with plain text get very little reach today on Facebook so I have decided to no longer post anything that does not have a visual component.


In the people section, you can see who has liked your page, including a breakdown of women vs. men, and which countries and cities they live in. Are you reaching the people that you want to reach with your posts on Facebook? This information will help answer that question. If you are not reaching your target audience, you need to figure out why and make some changes to your content.

That is a basic overview of Facebook Insights. If you have not been making use of the metrics provided by Facebook, I encourage you to begin. Take a look around at least once a week. Use the information to tweak your content so that more people know about your business.

Do you use Facebook Insights and if so, what do you find most helpful? Please share your comments with me!

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